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Saturday 3 December 2016
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3D websites

Linnean Society


The Linnean Society of London approached Lateral Visions to create an innovative and engaging presentation of the societies aims, location, and collections. Lateral Visions has responded by creating a detailed visualisation of Burlington House in London, and embedding a wealth of Web based content directly into the virtual environment. A fly-through tour takes users on a journey through the Linnean Society history and collections, narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Space Northwest


Space Northwest manages Liverpool Innovation Park, where Baxter Healthcare, a US-based healthcare company, is investing several million pounds in new biomedical production facilities. Space Northwest asked Lateral Visions to create an online 3D visualisation of the new build, including a fly-through tour and Web content, to promote the project.

Ice Station Manthorp

Having worked with Lateral Visions on educational games Timegate: The Prisoner of Knaresorough Castle, and The Middleton Mystery, artist Steve Manthorp enlisted us to create an unusual online website for his company, Manthorp ACT. Including a variety of portfolio content as well as CVs and other documents, the 3D website is styled as an abandoned Antarctic Research base.

Northwest Automotive Alliance


The Northwest Automotive Alliance (NAA) is an industry-led cluster organisation to provide a focal point for the region's automotive sector. As part of ongoing support to the Northwest automotive industry, the Alliance has compiled a directory of Northwest-of-England organisations innovating in the area of Future Vehicle technologies. The NAA Future Vehicle project uses Lateral Visions unique 3D Web technology to provide an innovative, stimulating, and media-rich interface to that directory.

Mando Group


Web Developer Mando Group approached Lateral Visions to create a visualisation of their offices as a means of attracting and empowering prospective recruits. The 3D website also displays content from their existing website, including their portfolio and news pages, all in context in the 3D world.

Relay Station


Lateral Visions were enlisted by Relay Station to produce a 'rich picture' style interactive 3D presetantation to help market their advanced communications solution. Lateral Visions has produced an engaging presentation that can be used either as a 3D powerpoint style presentation for a presenter to speak over, or as a fully automated movie-style presentation with a voice over and subtitles.

Offline 3D projects

Generation 21

The Generation 21 project in Liverpool, run during the Capital of Culture year, aimed to encourage yound people to think about their environment, and design their ideal vision for the future of Liverpool. Lateral Visions then visualised these city designs, and created a DVD-ROM software package that included the 3D city visualisations, as well as videos, blogs, and image galleries. This was then distributed to schools and teachers from across the country as a learning resource.

Liver Golf

This fun and engaging crazy-golf game highlighted Liverpool culture and landmarks, and was designed by students from SFX school, Liverpool.

Small Business Simulation

Designed to support entrepreneurship and the creation of small businesses, Lateral Visions Small Business Simulation project, developed with funding from the Deprived Area Fund, simulates the running of a small business, allowing players to experience the issues and challenges they will face in setting up a new company.

Viable System Model visualisation

Working with Nascent Form and Malik-MZSG in Switzerland, Lateral Visions created a visualisation of the Viable Systems Model, a model of the organisational structure of any viable or autonomous system; commonly used as a management analysis tool. Lateral Visions created an interactive presentation, visualising the abstract systems model diagram, illustrating the component parts, and showing how they fit together into a hierarchical model for business.

Timegate: The Prisoner of Knaresborough Castle

Renaissance Knaresborough, a council community group, came up with the idea of creating a computer game set 700 years ago in Knaresborough Castle, when it was at its peak. The group enlisted a team of creative pupils from King James's School, Knaresborough, to help design the challenges, title and logo used in the adventure game. Lateral Visions worked with the pupils and created the game to their design.

The Middleton Mystery


As part of the 'Picture House' contemporary arts exhibition at Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens, Northumberland, students from Ashington Community High School designed a computer game. The students formed their own production company 'Mean Machine' to create 'The Middleton Mystery, An Adventure at Belsay Hall'. They used the inspiration of the medieval castle, 19th-century hall and quarry garden to create a fictional quest-based adventure game. Players meet characters based on real people who lived and worked at Belsay and find imaginary treasures brought back from Charles Monck’s Grand Tour. Through workshops at school and at Belsay Hall, the students explored the history of the property, created a game design and filmed themselves as historical characters.

The project aimed to inspire young people about their local heritage and how it can be interpreted using modern media techniques. It has engaged young people at risk of exclusion from mainstream education at Belsay Hall by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the site and its history and by developing their creative, social and technological skills.

The Middleton Mystery

Streets of Culture


Lateral Visions was approached by Liverpool Hope University and South Liverpool City Learning Centres to develop a project to encourage social enterprise amongst local school children. Lateral Visions came up with the idea of aiding the children in the design, development and marketing of a real, tangible computer game.

Through workshops, the students designed a racing game set in Liverpool in 2008 (European Capital of Culture year) creating a game design, logos and artwork, and designed the racing tracks. The students' vision was then built by Lateral Visions. The project engaged the students in creativity in design and art, entrepreneurial and business learning, and all proceeds from sales of the game went to charity.


Lateral Visions has created an interactive 3D visualisation of the new SuperSTEM laboratory facilities and the world’s most sensitive analytical microscope. SuperSTEM (Super Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope) enables scientists to detect and analyse individual atoms. Lateral Visions visualisation enables the project team to inform and educate about the laboratory, the microscope and the research work, in an immersive and highly interactive way.

Spennymoor Letters

Lateral Visions has created an interactive 3D visualisation of Spennymoor town centre as part of the Spennymoor Letters public art project. This project is part of the regeneration programme in Spennymoor town centre, and is funded by ONE NorthEast, Sedgefield Borough Council, Durham County Council, and Spennymoor Town Council. Lateral Visions' visualisation informs the public about the project, and the processes involved, in a fun and engaging way.

Vehicle Simulation

Cardiff Council: 'New Driver' Road Safety Simulator

Installed in Cardiff Councils road safety centre, 'New Driver' is a driving simulator aimed at encouraging young people to think about the dangers on the road. A serious game, the project delivers education via an entertaining videogame-like experience. Cardiff Council considered buying in an off-the-shelf simulator package, but discovered that Lateral Visions could build a bespoke simulator for lower cost that would deliver superior results.

Racing Academy

Racing Academy Jisc Prototype

The aim of the Racing Academy project is to design and build an online automotive engineering academy based on leading-edge computer games technology. The purpose of this academy is to provide a progressive opportunity to learn real physics and mechanical engineering in a virtual community. The unique and rich vehicle dynamics simulation software technology designed and developed by Lateral Visions stimulated the original idea for this project.

Shell: Product Demonstrator

Lateral Visions has developed a product demonstrator, based on our vehicle simulation technology and utilising real data, for Shell Global Solutions (UK), a division of Shell Research Ltd.

University of Liverpool: Formula Student

The University of Liverpool's Department of Engineering has adopted Lateral Visions' real-time vehicle physics simulation software to provide a new way of teaching the next generation of automotive engineers. The software is used in the design of a real-world race car which competes in the Formula Student championship, organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, in partnership with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).

North Wales Police: Drive School

Described as a "superior education resource" and "landmark interactive learning solution", Lateral Visions has provided North Wales Police with a driving simulator game aimed at young tearaway drivers to teach them to drive responsibly. The interactive solution allows young drivers to tackle a number of scenarios whilst driving a realistically simulated vehicle. Their actions are monitored and then delivered back to the driver in a comprehensive report, allowing the drivers to learn from their mistakes. Lateral Visions designed the driving simulator game, which is be housed in the North Wales Community Safety Centre. North Wales Police are also using the simulator on laptops in schools.

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