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Saturday 3 December 2016
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Interactive 3D Design - Applications

Interactive 3D software has many potential applications; we have only begun to explore what is possible and beneficial.


Burlington House situated on Picadilly, London, home of the Linnean Society.
Screenshot taken from the Linnean Society 3D Website. View now at 3d.linnean.org.uk.

The simplest use for 3D is simply as content in itself, to allow users to explore 3D objects and environments in real-time under their own control.


  • Experience a hotel room or tourist location virtually before booking.
  • Explore the inside of a nuclear reactor that would be too dangerous to visit in the real world.
  • View and customise a car virtually, before purchasing.

Lateral Visions has extensive experience creating 3D models to visualise objects and locations, from entire towns down to simple objects. Whenever you need to remotely show others what an object or location is really like, Lateral Visions can provide an efficient and professional solution, delivered on the Web through a standard Web browser, or offline as a download or CD-ROM.


Communicate space, size and form in a way that is instantly understood.

The World Wide Web is all about communication and dialogue. Bringing interactive 3D to the Web enables exciting new possibilities for communication, presented contextually within a 3D environment.


  • View a virtual theatre before booking tickets; seat availability can be indicated spatially and in real-time within the venue, and the booking can be made without having to leave the virtual theatre.
  • Learn history by visiting a virtual reconstruction; access embedded learning content, and communicate within the historical context by attaching tags and comments to items.
  • Build and communicate with a community live within a virtual location. The location can be modelled on a real one (a sports club, for example), or it can be imaginary or abstract. Forums, blogs, comments and user generated content can be placed directly within the virtual location.

For a wider view of 3D Web applications, see 3D Web Applications

Lateral Visions is a world leader in this field. Noone else has the same level of experience and commitment in making 3D a genuinely useful part of the Web communications medium. We can craft bespoke 3D Web solutions for any communication problem, from emphasising a lifestyle brand in an online retail outlet to enhancing collaboration between students doing their homework.

Serious Games

Experience and develop skills that would now otherwise be possible

Real-time 3D lends itself to simulations and games, whether for education, training or marketing. Using Lateral Visions 3D Web technology, these projects can now be delivered over the Web, in a standard Web browser, or offline as a download or CD-ROM.


  • Learn about road safety by driving a virtual car, experiencing the dangers virtually not physically
  • Play a fun game against your friends and simultaneously learn about a product, service or brand
  • Engage with an emergency evacuation simulation to train as an emergency worker

Lateral Visions is an expert in the field of 'Serious Games'. Our background in videogames gives us a deep understanding of gameplay, and we have developed considerable experience in using it to enable all kinds of learning.

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